A BHS committee includes a number of clinical and/or laboratory hematologists and/or scientists related to the field of Hematology with special interest and/or competence in a defined topic. A "committee" can also be defined as a "working party or a "study group". The number of topics related to a particular committee is not limited and not fixed.  Names of committees are listed here.

Disease related committees:

Profession related committees:

Purposes and activities

Committees must aim to contribute to the advancement of the knowledge in the topic they are related to. Among the recommended methods to fulfill this objective are:

  • Centralize information from congresses and symposia
  • Offer a platform for discussion with external experts, representatives from pharmaceutical companies
  • Organize medical need or similar programs to provide early patient access to new drugs
  • Deliver common standpoints regarding questions emerging from the field
  • Provide management recommendations or guidelines
  • Facilitate clinical research by common contributions to phase II and phase III clinical trials
  • Facilitate and/or coordinate academic clinical or translational studies
  • Contribute to the generation of registration data
  • Make available relevant information through posting on the BHS website or publication

BHS support towards committees

  • A SOP describing committees’ mission & organization has been developed
  • Committees annual report are published on the website
  • A central location (Hof Ter Muschen) has been selected for all committees meetings
    with reservations by Congress Care and costs paid by BHS.
  • A specific page on the website has been developed for each committee → send requests to Congress Care
  • A committees annual meeting will be organized during the BHS General Annual Meeting
  • A clinical research associate to help with study preparation and data collection of prospective BHS academic trials will be hired in 2012.

 Template committee annual report