Belgian Journal of Hematology

As of December 20, 2011 the Belgian Journal of Hematology (BJH), became the official journal of the Belgian Hematology Society (BHS). The journal is also the official journal of the BSTH, the BSPHO, and the Belgian Cytometry group.

A contract was signed between the publisher and the BHS, through which:

  • Independence of the editorial board is ensured;
  • Guidelines are published only if produced by recognized Scientific Societies;
  • BHS board nominates Editor-in-Chief (by consensus with Editor & Editorial board : the 3 must agree);
  • BHS board nominates 60% of Editorial board members;
  • Free distribution to BHS (and other societies) members, paid subscription for others;
  • The BJH prints a special supplement for the BHS GAM abstract supplement;
  • Several pages in each issue are reserved for BHS announcements.

BHS members are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscript to the Belgian Journal of Hematology.

The current Editor-in-Chief of the Belgian Journal of Hematology is André Bosly.