BHS courses

The BHS training course and seminars have been offered for many years to individuals interested in the practice of clinical and laboratory hematology.

In 2013, the board of the BHS decided to renew the BHS training program in order:

  • To better match the European requirements, published by the EHA as the EHA CV passport and endorsed by the national societies.
  • To better meet the expectations of the trainees for more practical issues.
  • To continue to provide up-to-date continuous education to clinical and laboratory hematologists as well as to other interested individuals.

In this brochure (to be announced) you will find the complete 2013-2015 program as well as practical information on the course organization, registration, teaching material, evaluation & certification of trainees, and accreditation.


Program content and organization

  • The aim of the course is to provide evidence-based theoretical teaching as well as practical information about the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic disorders.
  • The course is designed as a 2-year cycle including 6 seminars per year, covering each a major theme of hematology.
  • Each seminar is divided into 6 topics related to the main theme. Each topic has been carefully determined according to the EHA CV Passport.
  • Seminars will take place on Saturday mornings at the Hof Ter Musschen on the UCL St-Luc campus in Brussels from 9:00hrs to 13:00hrs, with a 30-min coffee break.


  • Attendance to the seminars is free for BHS members, including trainees.
  • Trainees in hematology (particularly years 4, 5 or 6 of Internal Medicine) or in Clinical Biology are invited to register on line on the BHS website the beginning of the 2-year cycle. It is allowed to start with either seminar 1 (year 1) or seminar 7 (year 2).
  • Other BHS members are welcomed to attend the course without previous registration.
  • A fee may be requested from non-BHS members.
  • Attendees will be requested to sign an attendance list. In order to further improve the course if necessary, attendees will also be asked to return evaluation forms.
  • Please register here

Teaching material

  • Each seminar will be webcasted.
  • Webcasts, suggested readings and Powerpoint presentations will be available on the BHS website after each seminar.
  • Trainees and BHS members will also have the privilege to use the EHA Confolio system, a social Network designed to interact with other hematologists and exchange scientific teaching material.

Evaluation & certification of trainees

  • An examination will take place every year, covering all seminars of a 2-yr cycle.
  • The examination will consist in an online multiple choice questionnaire based on questions provided by each speaker.
  • An official certificate of qualification will award the successful trainees, provided they have attended at least 8 out of 12 seminars and they have managed to pass the examination with at least 60%.
  • Upon request, the BHS can provide a certificate of attendance covering all the seminars attended during a 2-yr cycle.
  • At present, the heads of department of our universities are free to endorse the BHS examination as their official end of training examination. In the future, this examination may become an official requirement for obtaining the special competence in hematology.


  • Accreditation will be requested from the RIZIV/INAMI for each seminar.