BHS Educational Courses 2017-2019

 BHS Course 2017-2019 overview 


Seminar 1 - Red Blood Cells Disorders - 7-10-2017 Program

Iron deficiency anaemia and porphyrias - Fleur Wolff (ULB)  Presentation References 
Anaemia of chronic disease & hypoproliferative anaemias (EPO & marrow disorders) - Yves Beguin (ULg)  Presentation References 
Acquired haemolytic, megaloblastic and sideroblastic anaemias - Daan Dierickx (KUL)  Presentation References 
Congenital haemoglobinopathies - Veerle Labarque (KUL)  Presentation References 
 Other congenital RBC disorders (CDA, enzymopathies, membrane disorders) - Béatrice Gulbis (ULB)  Presentation References